Wharton County Sheriff's Office

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The Wharton County Sheriff's Office Patrol Division is comprised of  patrol sergeants and patrol deputies.  Three additional deputies are assigned to the Civil Division, Mental Health / CIT Division and Identification Division.    The division is responsible for answering calls for service in Wharton County 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.   Deputies also assist the El Campo and Wharton Police Departments and the Texas Department of Public Safety Troopers as needed.

  Patrol Deputies also conduct preliminary criminal investigations, execute warrant and civil service, and also are responsible for close patrol of the communities and rural areas of Wharton County.   Many of the deputies serve on the ERT Division also.   Each deputy undergoes a four month training program plus numerous in-service schools.

Supervisors of the Patrol Division

Lieutenant BJ Novak

Sgt. Lionel Garcia

Sgt. Marc Tijerina

Sgt. Alec Hines

Sgt. Zane Davis

Patrol Deputies

Corporal David Rangel

Corporal Jaycee Lorenzen

Corporal Tracey Valdez

Corporal Alex Rivera

Deputy Raul Gomez

Deputy Adrian Morales

Deputy T.J. Rangel

Deputy Jeff Fiala

Deputy Taylor Brown

Deputy Tyler Mican

Deputy Stephanie Schoof

Deputy Tomas Gonzalez

Deputy Travis Sowa

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