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Wharton County, Texas, USA

Wharton County Sheriff’s Office Divisions

Administration Training Division
Bailiff Division Sheriff’s Combined Auto Theft Task Force
Civil Division Patrol Division
Communications Division Records Division
Criminal Investigation Division Reserve Deputy Division
DARE / GREAT Division Sheriff’s Posse
Identification Division E.R.T. (Emergency Response Team)
Jail Division Work Squad Program
Narcotics/Interdiction Division Inmate Transport Division
Mental Health / Sex Offender Registration Victim’s Assistance Division

Texas’ region is where you will find a combination of territories, including today, Wharton County. Wharton County was made in the hour of 1846. In the hour of 2010, Wharton County had an absolute human people of 41,280. Wharton County includes the El Campo, TX Micropolitan Real Area, associated with the Houston-The Woods; TX Joined Quantifiable Domain.

Its county seat is Wharton.

The county was named for kin William Harris Wharton and John Austin Wharton.

Sheriff’s Combined Auto Theft Task Force

The SCATTF fuses 16 Regions in the Central Texas zone, focusing on decreasing and tending to Auto Thievery.

Wharton County diverted into a total individual from the Sheriff’s Joined Auto Theft Group in October 2004. Expert Joe Shaft Joines is delegated to address Wharton County in the SCATT Group.

Services Offered


Wharton County Sheriff’s Office benefits the 14K tenants of Wharton County for the Online Record check arrangement. This region covers the fingerprinting organizations in Wharton County, Texas.

The recently referenced one-of-a-kind print region supplements the Live Range fingerprinting organization centers while developing the Live Yield region network the country over—the information provided for your solace just and may not be completely accurate. You should contact the particular imprint region clearly to certify their organization commitments and extensive stretches of movement. If the information above is erroneous, will get bounteously esteemed on the off chance that you could report it to us using the association under:

Remarkable imprint cost charged by the finger impression region is all around not covered by the trade charge on On the off chance that it’s not all that much difficulty, get two unique finger impression cards when you visit the help place.


Law Enforcement

A sheriff is a focal cop in a county. He and his representatives watch county grounds and catch individuals who are a risk to amicability and solicitation. Sometimes, the sheriff’s subject matter issues warrant suspected hooligans and clutch unlawful items found during the catch cycle. The workplace moreover gets protests and emergency calls from general society and takes measures to address them.

Court Duties

Commitments of the sheriff’s specialized topic fuse the execution of orders given by courts, including dispossession and writs of execution. At the point when an impugned individual or witness fails to appear under the court’s watchful eye on the told court date, a sheriff executes warrants given by the court. The sheriff and his agents furthermore work in county courts as bailiffs. They offer security in the courts, plan transportation for prosecutors, and escort them all through the court. The sheriff’s skill similarly goes probably as accurate specialists for cycles and notices given by the court.

County Finances

The sheriff’s subject matter accumulates county, metropolitan, and state weights in specific domains and saves the structure of a record for charges requested. The workplace returns to inhabitants who are late on payments and carry out portions. Since the sheriff’s specialized topic should guarantee the county’s residents’ advantages, the organizations it offers should be viable and at the most negligible possible cost.

Traffic Duties

The sheriff’s department specialization is responsible for planning and noticing traffic in the county. Authorities with the workplace can stop vehicles and issue references for drivers who negligence travel guidelines. In the event of a setback, they visit the scene and assemble genuine evidence for an assessment. The inquiry those related with the mishap similarly as witnesses. The division also offers the primary manual for those hurt for a long time until clinical emergency responders appear.

Where to Locate Wharton County Criminal Records?

The State Police are expected to secure a best-in-class library of sex-liable gatherings in their district across America. This recollects those living for the zone, yet those working, going to class, or kept inside the space. The general populace moreover moves toward this overview. The online pursuit contraptions grant Wharton County people to mission for each sex liable gathering inside their home’s particular yardage.

About the Wharton County Jail

Opened in 1958, Wharton County Jail is a medium therapeutic office in Wharton, Wharton County, Texas.

The workplace houses a broad scope of prisoners, from low-level bad behavior offenders to those detained for outrageous offenses like attack, thievery, and murder. The 144-bed limit office boasts of around 1673 arrangements yearly from all of Wharton County.

The Wharton County Jail works under tight security with authorities on the spot outfitted with maces and is astoundingly set up to oversee hostility.

JailFunds: Deposit Money & Inmate Lookup

Wharton County Jail uses assistance called for ‘detainee supermarket and jail guilty party search’ (and other correspondence organizations), which grants you to investigate a prisoner on their site if this current jail’s Prisoner Search incorporates isn’t available.

The way to investigate a detainee in Wharton County Jail on is clear:

  • Pick Texas.
  • Pick Wharton County Jail.
  • Select one of the Organizations.
  • Select the letter of the detainee’s last name.

If your detainee is in this jail, you will find their name on the overview.

Notwithstanding, on this detainee’s show, you won’t discover their mugshots in these records. For true mugshots, you’ll need to reach out to the jail division for help.


Securus offers a plan of decisions for you to add money to an offender’s phone account. With Securus, the blameworthy party can choose what design they need to pick. They can determine the compensation more just as expenses emerge plan or the prepaid course of action. While the liable gatherings at the Wharton County Jail Division can’t get rolling toward calls, it isn’t tricky to set up a phone to address them to settle on telephone decisions.

Writing to an Inmate

Plainly! You are uncommonly permitted to keep in touch with a Wharton County Inmates. All letters will get opened when coming into the working environment. The offenders do get their letters/a few days, seven days. Notes help the offenders lift their affirmation while they are doing their time.

Thoughtfully structure a letter on fixed paper with a blue or light ink pen. Put forth an attempt not to use markers on your notes.

Visitation Policies

You are allowed to visit your detained loved ones at the Wharton County Jail if you plan a course of action. You can design your visit at the corner in the workplace or online through their website. The holidays can be in every way that matters, on the web or genuinely on the spot. A detainee is allowed two 25-minutes visit each week.

Visiting Hours

Monday through Friday: 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM

Saturday and Sunday: 7:30 Am to 2:30 PM

Coronavirus Response: With Coronavirus spinning out of control in 2021, the Wharton County Jail Division may have changed hours to protect everybody. It isn’t all around encouraged to hit the jail before appearing at a visit. This will save you time, gas, and cash if the office is presently not tolerating guests. Likewise, call before perceiving what you need to do to be permitted an encounter with a prisoner. Remember, the jail will expect you to wear covers and practice social distance. If you neglect to do so, you will be approached to leave promptly, and you won’t be permitted to return for appearance.

Local Quick Links

County of Wharton Website

329th Judicial District Court

El Campo Police Department

El Campo Volunteer Fire Department

Texas Department of Public Safety

Wharton Police Department

Wharton Volunteer Fire Department


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