Wharton County Sheriff's Office

Mental Health / Sex Offender Registration

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Deputy Robin Rodriguez

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 The goal of the Wharton County Sheriff's Office Mental Health Officer / Sex Offender Registration effort is to provide more efficient mental health services and sex offender registration to the communities in Wharton County.  This effort include the cities of Wharton, El Campo, and East Bernard.   This service is critical when responding to calls where a  person is in crisis.  This also ensures the safety of both the officer and mental health subject.

Mental Health Officers are trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of mental illness and the medications used to treat them.   Mental Health Officers have developed a close partnership with the local mental health authority. The Mental Health Officer Officers are also responsible for transporting persons in crisis to various behavioral hospitals when needed and deemed necessary by the local mental health authority or courts. 

For more information regarding the Mental Health /  Sex Offender Registration, please contact Deputy Robin Rodriguez at: 979-532-1550 

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