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  Sheriff Hamilton B. Dickson    

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Shot and Killed in the line of Duty on February 7, 1894

Elected Sheriff of Wharton County on November 4, 1890

left photo above is of monument at wharton county courthouse--right photo is of  photo scanned of sheriff dickson

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Sheriff Dickson was shot and killed while attempting to arrest a suspect who had earlier murdered Constable Mose Townsend, of the Colorado County Constable's Office, during a jail break. Sheriff Dickson and the sheriff from Colorado County had met up to look for the suspect. As the two sheriffs entered a brushy area the suspect opened fire, fatally wounding Sheriff Dickson. Both officers were able to return fire and kill the suspect.

Sheriff Dickson had been Sheriff for four years.


   Deputy Sheriff Harry C. McCormick  

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Shot and Killed in the line of Duty on June 26, 1920

Deputized by Wharton County Sheriff Clarence Kemp

photo above is of scanned image of deputy McCormick provided by Ret. Chief Deputy-dallas county terry baker-historical researcher

Deputy McCormick was shot and killed while helping a fellow deputy serve a warrant on a man. The suspect first agreed to go with the officers but then began to resist and was able to gain control of the partner's pistol. At that moment the suspect's brother emerged with a Winchester rifle. As Deputy McCormick began to help his partner the brother shot him in the head, killing him. The two brothers were shot and killed the following week after being surrounded by a posse. Two other men who aided in their original escape were lynched by citizens.


   Deputy / Jailer Henry Ross McCain  

(Do you know Henry Ross McCain~I am interested in posting his picture here)

Date of Death:  Sunday, July 19, 1908

Biographical Info
Age: 37
Tour of Duty: 7 yr
Incident Details

Cause of Death: Stabbed
Date of Incident: Friday, July 17, 1908
Weapon Used: Edged weapon; Knife
Suspect Info: Apprehended

Deputy Jailer McCain succumbed to stab wounds sustained two days earlier when he was attacked by a prisoner two days earlier. He was able to escape the attack after being stabbed several times. He was then taken by train to St. Joseph Hospital where he died two days later.

The suspect was able to escape the jail but was arrested the day after the attack.

Deputy Jailer McCain had served with the agency for 7 years.


Deputy Sheriff Otto H. Heyne

One-day after turning 67 years old, Deputy Sheriff Otto H. Heyne and Sheriff E. J. Koehl were involved in an automobile accident in Fort Bend County near Arcola. Deputy Heyne died from his injuries at 3:00 p.m.

Otto H. Heyne was a widower. He was buried in Wharton, Texas.

Sheriff W. Clarence Brooks

Sheriff Brooks, and his brother, Eugene Brooks, were leaving the courthouse where they had been attending the trial of W.S. Gibbs. Sheriff Brooks had arrested Gibbs charging him with disturbing the peace. Gibbs had left the courthouse before Sheriff Brooks and his brother. Gibbs went across the street and obtained a rifle from a store. Gibbs stepped out of a doorway and fired at Eugene Brooks, the bullet struck Eugene Brooks in the left arm. Sheriff Brooks, pistol in hand, then ran across the street to make the arrest. As Sheriff Brooks approached the store where Gibbs was hiding, Gibbs fired again. Sheriff Brooks was hit in the chest and fell mortally wounded. He died on July 4. 

Sheriff Brooks was single. He was survived by his brother Eugene, and family members in Missouri. In May 1886, family members had the body of Sheriff Brooks moved to Deepwood Cemetery, Nevada, Vernon County, Missouri.

On April 24, 1885, Gibbs was shot and killed by Eugene Brooks. In May 1886, Brooks was tried and found not guilty of the murder. On October 19, 1886, Brooks died of pneumonia.

Read more: https://www.odmp.org/officer/20238-sheriff-w-clarence-brooks#ixzz3aoEBjjHv



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